Patient / Elderly care and notification system using indoor localization

Technology behind our project:

Indoor localization has been a popular topic of research in ubiquitous computing.

žOur aim is to use Wi-Fi based indoor localization techniques to locate movement of a person (patient/elderly person) over a period of time inside the house.
Our present design consists of installing 4 wifi routers at four corners of a house. The house can be divided into a virtual grid. Each grid would cover a particular area within the house. For example, grids 4,5,6,7 could be the kitchen or something like this. A mobile device can be used to read the signal strength of each access point in each grid of the house. By building a database of such signal strength values, we can assign signal strength signatures to each grid. Now we can successfully identify each corner of the house and locate our mobile device anywhere within the house.
Use cases for this technology:
1. žUse this technology to determine motion pattern of a patient/elderly over time.
2. žProfile his/her activity data and then use this data in future to find any deviation from normal behavior.
3. Report any abnormalities. Select a threshold value beyond which an activity if repeated or carried out in a way other then normal, will be termed as abnormal and will be reported to the observer. For example, if an elderly person is in the restroom for more than an hour although the usual time taken is just 30 minutes, it could indicate some emergency situation.
Presentation is given below..
– Siddharth Gupta
– Ramakrishnan C H

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