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Project deliverables – American sign language interpreter

Report:HHH – Gabellec Geoffroy – final report

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DLNA : Digital Living Network Alliance

Digital Living Network Alliance

The DLNA is about connecting all your equipments together : laptop – TV – digital camera – mobile devices – sound system, so that they can share their content easily.
Watch your picture on your TV, record your shows on your laptop, listen to the music of your iPod on your speakers…

And there are already some devices from various brands that include DLNA certifications!

The energy producing sidewalk

Here are two links to an interesting project developed by a dutch company in Toulouse. (The second article is in french for those who speak french).
The idea is to use the urban kinetic energy generated by people walking on sidewalk to power the street lights.

This project is still at the prototype stage but it could represents huge savings of energy for big cities.
They also plan to extand the idea to other structures, like soccer stadium.

Hand motion monitoring glove

We already use our hands for many things, but why not using it for even more ?

There are already some prototypes of electronic gloves used for music, or gaming :
Gesture Jam Glove for Musicians, DJs or the next generation Wii games
The Wearable Electronic Wii controller – meet the Fingertip control glove

But why not using this in the house ?
To turn on/off the lights, to open the main door when someone comes to your house and your busy in the kitchen, to control the volume of the music and many other things that could be done remotly.