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03.Aware Home Visit

We will meet at Aware Home at 6 pm for a tour to consider projects.

The Aware Home Research Institute
479 10th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318, USA

Check out the web page to get project info and location map

Aware Home


02.Happy Healthy @ Home

Please (1) find an interesting story (news, video, paper, etc) about some aspects about the home that would make you happy or unhappy, healthy or unhealthy, etc, to share with the class, and explain why this  would make you so.

01.Interesting Examples

Warm up exercise.

Please find two (2) interesting examples that relate to the topic of Happy Healthy Home. Please include in your post:  What makes them great  (or not) ?  What makes them examples of Happy Healthy Home?  (or not)?  What are their principal characteristics or features?  Who made them and why?  How do they work?  etc.   Please be prepared to explain and discuss.

Please add your example as a blog “post” (not a comment).  Select “01. Interesting Examples” as the category for your post.

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