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Robotic Chef sometime soon?

Another step into a real cooking robot in your future kitchen. There are far more possible use with “soft” robotic hands besides cooking though. Tending to pets or house plants using these robotic hands is certainly possible!


Happy Healthy Chef!

My idea is to create a virtual cooking tutor. It is well-known that cooking for yourself is much healthier than buying pre-made food. The difficulty is to acquire the recipe, understand it, and possess the skill to recreate the recipe. Making it even more difficult is lack of feedback, until you have the finished product (and then you find out it’s terrible).

The Happy Healthy Chef leverages the rising popularity of touchscreen PC in kitchens and the wealth of self-help videos online. The idea is to create a software application that helps you interpret the recipes, show you videos of cooking techniques, and uses integrated webcam to evaluate your intermediate results. The end result of this, is that user’s perception of cooking becomes much more pleasant and easy to do. Cook Happy! Eat Healthy! Be a Chef!