Nintendo Wii Balance Board could prevent falls – here is the study

Articles about video games and snaking

Bloom, J., Hunker, R., McCombs, K., Raudenbush, B., & Wright, T. (2008).  Nintendo Wii vs. Microsoft Xbox: Differential effects on mood, physiology, snacking behavior, and caloric burn.  Appetite, 51(2), 354.

Cessna, T., Raudenbush, B., Reed, A., & Hunker, R. (2007).  Effects of video game play on snacking behavior.  Appetite, 49(1), 282.

Kolks, J., Wright, T., & Raudenbush, B. (2009).  Effects of video game console and snack type on snack consumption during play.  Appetite, 52(3), 841

Size of Brain Region Affect Video Game Performance (link)


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