This is the blog page for CoA 8803-ED (27652) and CS 8803-HHH (29832) Happy Healthy Home – Ambient Intelligence and Innovations class, Spring 2010 at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Tentative Schedule

Themes to consider for the term project:

Things that Think, Spaces that Sense and Places that Play

Building as an Interface to Everything

Creativity Support Tools

Health Aware Home

Tele Health

Healthcare IT at Home

Self Care

Social Computing

Quality of Life issues

Asthma Monitoring/Education/Game/Management

Child development

High Tech Baby Cradle/Chair/Floor/Room


Ambient Intelligence

Game for Health

Chronic Disease Management

Energy Aware and Sustainability Issues


Current 3 main areas at the Aware Home

  • health (aging, autism, robotic assistants, general health and wellness monitoring)
  • entertainment/telepresence (gaming in the home, 3 screen, home-home or home-work telepresence, etc)
  • infrastructure (location awareness, sustainability, sensing, networking, and similar).

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