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Tiny apartment transforms into 24 rooms!


Remote for shower!!

Smallest coolest Apartment..

Ron Marvin talks about the efforts he made to convert his small apartment into a beautiful home. He has used intelligent choice of paint colors for the walls as well as the entrance way to gie a bigger look to his apartment. His unique taste in lamps and lighting has enhanced the beauty of his place.  To our big surprise he reveals that most of the furniture and lamps had been purchased from a flea market!


The energy management system keeps track of the power consumption at home and adjusts the operations of the equipments accordingly!


A very interesting piece about the  advent of technology into home design.

Basically, every aspect of living like lighting,  home entertainment etc can be  accessed using a single wireless devise.

Thermostats and gauges are set in different rooms for temperature and humidity control.

Wireless linear diffusers are used instead of vents for air conditioners.

Digital keys can be used for remote access of the different conditions of the house!!

Feng Shui – Create the harmony!

Feng Shui is a science which helps people to create positive energy in their lives. Similar to the Vaastu Shaastra , Indian version of Feng Shui aims at the happiness and well being of a family. I found this interesting video on Feng Shui

Interesting Video on Feng Shui