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Future Home Design

A stove that recommends recipies, wallpaper that changes colour at the touch of a finger and a table that may just be the world’s largest iPod — it’s not science fiction, just the first wave of futuristic homes in South Korea designed by Samsung.


Smart chopping board

Cooking is one of the enjoyable things to do at home. It’s easy for us to work in the kitchen because we have two hands. But what if one of our hands is occupied by a phone or something else? What if the person has fracture, permanet disabilities, arthritis or low muscle strength? It is a challenge for them to do regular stuff like cutting apples.
The great part of this board is that one can use it with only one hand. In this way it includes the users with temperory or permanet disabilities. Also the beautiy of the products is that both lefties and righties can use it with ease. So that cooking is more fun with using this product.
Moving parts in the system
Food cutting equipment (fruits and vegetables)
Different diameters tubes opener (Yogurt)
Elements for stabilizing foods (bread and butter)
Graters and food box(cheese)
Pins for gripping the fruits
This smart board makes cooking easie and safer.