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Project deliverables – American sign language interpreter

Report:HHH – Gabellec Geoffroy – final report

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Zero Energy Homes – Final Project Deliverables

Zero Energy Homes is a Survey project conducted and completed as a course requirement of CS 8803 – Happy Healthy Home for the semester of Spring 2010. It analyzes the concept of a ZEH, conducts a survey to take into account people’s opinion. We also include seven easy steps to convert or build a home with zero energy design.
From the analysis of the survey, we draw some useful inferences that are presented in the following sections. ZEH are said to have a considerable impacton the environment and this project survey considers people’s opinion regarding the same. The concept of a zero energy home is now becoming common, and more and more people have started adapting their home amenities / utilities in a way that abide by the Zero Energy Design.
Project Report: HHH_Report_final
Poster: HHH_Poster
Presentation: HHH
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Project Idea: HomeZero Energy Homes

Zero Energy Homes

07.Midterm Project

  • Each person should work on their project – either a budget or implementation proposal – to figure out whether you are (1) writing a paper about something (what? a literature survey about child health outcome and measurements, about personality and communications, about healthcare IT at home, etc. etc.), conducting some sort of empirical studies (protocol analysis of daily life activities? interviews with people? tools for healthy diet and exercises? using cultural probe to investigate quality of life issues? etc etc), or (2) inventing information and computing technology interfaces, tangible artifact (software, hardware, website, toys, community portals, playground, etc. etc.) by any means to address issues of building as an interface to everything, tele-health, child development, communications, learning, and disease management, energy and sustainability issues, or a vision of the future!
  • Be prepared to have a story to tell in the 3 minute madness session two weeks from now – which you can show (1) a work-in-progress prototype, (2) a refined proposal of up to 5 slides in 3 minutes to tell people what your research topics for this class will be, and how you plan to do it, are there precedents or related work? and what might we expect to see at the end of the semester.
  • Depending on people’s interests, we could adjust reading lists to better suit the class discussions and progress
  • Yes, you can decide to do it either as individual project or a joint team project (no more than 3 persons per team please.)